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NMEGOU SQ11 Mini Camera HD 1080P Sport Dv Infrared Nigh Vision Motion Sensor Pocket Small Camcorder Hidden Spy Camera (1080P, Black)

This mini camera is enhanced with six infrared night vision LEDs that allow you to record threats in the complete darkness. Highly sensitive motion-activated and loop recording. It would make sure all triggered movements in your notice. Avoid package thieves, home invasions or neighbor harassment.. If you are an athletic student who has to miss classes some time to attend games. This recorder help you a lot! you can give it to your friends to record the classes for you while you are out and you can review everything when you come back to school. This recorder is very small, easy to carry. The battery last for a long time and it can store more data if there is any class that has not too much shows need to record by switching to the sound only mode. The operation is very simple. It can store. This camera is nice and easy to set up. The cameras is HD and capture everything perfectly. It is sleek and lightweight, which is the reason that it is so portable. There is a bracket on the package which allows you to secure it on a certain place permanently, also it comes with a clip so you could clip it onto something. It was easy to charge with a USB cable that cames with it.The charging time is around 50 minutes.. This is A super small compact mini spy camera, it's small. About the same size as a small bouncy ball. easy to hide virtually anywhere. for Home, Car, Office Indoor, and Outdoor.. SQ11 Mini Camera HD 1080P built-in lithium battery that is chargeable via USB, Support 32GB TF card max. (Memory card not included). This device is very cool and will come in handy..

Price: $25.99

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