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Accsoon CineView SE Multispectrum Wireless Video (Transmitter Only)

The CineView SE TX allows a 1080p video and audio signal to travel from your camera to up to four mobile devices via the SDI or HDMI connection on your camera.. By transmitting the SDI or HDMI signal directly to iOS or Android devices via 5G WiFi, the CineView SE transmitter allows crew to use the everyday devices that they already have – their phones or tablets.. The camera operator, director, client, or other members of the crew can see and hear what the camera is capturing in real-time from up to 150 meters away.. With an average latency of under 50ms – the CineView SE TX has nearly undetectable lag while maintaining a high-quality image via its strong wireless signal.. The CineView SE TX lets you take control of your power situation. You can power the CineView SE TX with via a Sony-style NP-F battery, plugging into ground or tap power via the built in DC input, or using the new USB-C power port..

Price: $262.00

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