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1080P HD Body Camera, Premium Waterproof Body Camera, Portable WiFi Body Worn Camera Support Memory Expand 256G, Mini Video Recorder, Night Sight

WIFI CONNECTION: Support WiFi connection, transfer the video to the device quickly, can be controlled through the mobile APP to take picture and video, can also be started on time without manual start.. INFRARED NIGHT SIGHT: Fearless of the dark, with 6 sensitive elements, can achieve night infrared shooting, applicable to multiple scenes like family security, or outdoor travel.. BUILT IN BATTERY: The body camera has a 900mAh large capacity battery, which can support up to 3 hours of continuous video recording. It also supports recording while charging. Comes with the complimentary charging cable.. WATERPROOF AND DUSTPROOF: support protection of splashing water in daily life, a short period of water ingress will not affect the use, stable and durable, integrated molding shell, strong, anti scratch, anti fall. With rear clamp, easy to carry.. HD LENS: The lens adopts a wide angle 2MP camera, supports auto focus and automatic adjustment of light perception, and supports 1080P video format with 25 frames per second, easy to use, with a wide field of sight, clear picture and vivid color..

Price: $34.06

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