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Amcrest 4-Pack 4K Security Camera Cable 150FT BNC Cable, Camera Wire CCTV, Pre-Made All-in-One Video and Power Cable for Security Camera, HDCVI, HDTVI Camera, Analog, DVR (4PACK-SCABLE4K150B-PP)

Tired of tussling with multiple cables to get the best out of your security camera? With the Amcrest 150ft 4K CCTV cable you no longer have to deal with multiple wires for audio, video and PTZ.. This DVR cable is compatible with 4K HDCVI cameras and enables you to wire three connections into a single coaxial cable. This Amcrest camera extension cable works with any Analog CCTV camera that uses a BNC connector and a 2.1mm power plug.. To ensure you get the best out of your security system, our cables are made with PVC-45P molding to make them reliable and resilient.. This 150ft 4K security camera cable features gold-plated core riveted joint BNC male connectors along with nickel-plated male and female DC connectors. Double female connectors are included with our CCTV wires so that you can link multiple cables together with ease.. Setting up your home surveillance system should be simple which is why our 4K BNC power cable is pre-made so that you don’t have to worry about cutting and crimping the ends of your cables before installing them..

Price: $79.99

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